When did you learn to love your natural hair?


"My mom helped me learn to love my hair. She even encouraged me when I was being bullied about my hair" -Carrin

"Always loved my hair. I decided to love my curls and take better care of them a few months ago. Since then my hair has become my life"- Dariana

"Growing up being mixed was a very hard thing to embrace when I got into middle school trying to fit in I straightening my hair every single day. For the past year I have really started to embrace m hair and quit using shampoo to start a healthy hair journey. Recently when completing my bachelors last fall a professor asked me in a room full of students if I could slick my hair down to look a bit more professional even though I was in a full pant suit bomb heels and lipstick it light a spark in me to only be my natural self and embrace all of my natural beauty and to love my hair" -Shawna

"I was always told I had ugly hair so I would straighten it to fit in and to not feel ugly. Once I got over it and stopped listening to people that weren’t exposed to my curls, I became happier and more confident in myself" -Darianna

" I've always loved my hair but didn't know how to care for it..and when I met my husband he encouraged me to go natural and after my 1st big chop I never looked back. I have had set backs on my journey but now I am fully confident in My hair and me"-Joia

"When my daughter was being bullied because of her red curls. I told her that her hair was beautiful, and she asked me why I straightened mine. I immediately started to learn to love my hair"- Dotti